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Flawless Execution: Always the Goal!

US Navy SEALS undergo and are forged by some of the most intensive Special Forces sections and training of any elite military professional in the world. They are a special breed of warrior with mission capabilities in any environment. Often operating silently under cover of darkness, they train with a relentless commitment to individual initiative, personal responsibility and mission accomplishment.

In this high-impact keynote presentation, BlackOps Navy SEALs will reveal how they selected, trained, planned, led and Flawlessly Executed their missions all over the globe. They will share the tools and techniques SEAL teams use to thrive and survive in rapidly changing and hostile environments. You will take away methods to leverage those same tools and incredible process to drive initiative, accountability and achievement in your construction safety operations, anytime, anywhere.

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Protecting Construction Workers with Overlapping Vulnerabilities

The U.S. workforce is undergoing dramatic shifts that place some workers at an increased risk for occupational illness and injury. Social dynamics such as race, class, and gender; economic trends such as the growth of the temporary workforce and the increased reliance on immigrant workers; and organizational factors such as business size, all may contribute to placing some workers at greater risk. In this presentation, learn how this combination of risk factors may result in overlapping vulnerabilities for workers in the construction industry. You will take away a conceptual model on reduction of illnesses for at-risk groups and use these strategies for the design and implementation of safety programs and occupational safety and health interventions.

  • Michael Flynn, MA, Assistant Coordinator, Priority Populations and Health Disparities Program
  • National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Cincinnati, OH


Falls: The Greatest Challenge

Falls continue to plague the construction industry as one of the leading causes of fatalities. So what is the industry doing to reverse this trend? Thomas Kramer, P.E., CSP, leading authority in fall protection, will present to you how entrenched methods of information processing and social influences, such as cognitive biases, lull organizations into a false sense of security. Organizations may believe they are good in responding to the hazard of falls, rather than just lucky.

There have been changes in fall protection strategy and control. More powerful solutions have emerged and Mr. Kramer will discuss the latest equipment advances, the practical and evolving methods for reducing falls and the interplay of ANSI fall protection standards and Prevention through Design techniques.

  • Thomas Kramer, P.E., CSP
  • Managing Principle, LJB, Inc., Miamisburg, OH


The New OSHA Confined Space Standard: What’s Required?

OSHA’s long awaited rule on Confined Spaces in Construction, 1926.1200, has finally been published by OSHA. You will learn how this new standard differs from the previous proposed version and how it compares to the existing General Industry 1910.146 Permit Required Confined Space Standard, as well as the ANSI Z117 standard for entry into confined spaces. You will take away practices that will assist you in identifying a confined space in construction, learn what the requirements are for both the owner of the site and the employer entering the confined space, how to operate the permit system that will be critical for entries, and strategize to overcome the challenges that rescue will present to those entering confined spaces.

  • C. Gary Lopez, CSP
  • Area Vice President, AJ Gallagher Risk Management Services, Weston, FL